Have you ever wondered “Am I doing this right?” As you look down at your child with a chocolate milk mustache and one sock as he heads out the door holding an umbrella and a rubber snake on his way to school. If you feel like you may have left your sanity in your other purse then you may be living the Mom Life.

I am creating ways to help you get organized and use those Essential Oils in your busy Mom Life so that you can spend more time enjoying your little ones instead of looking for their socks every 5 minutes.  So grab your coffee or a glass of wine, start your diffuser and let’s get organized and healthy!


Need some help getting your Mom Life organized?

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Looking for a craft to keep your kids busy while you grab another cup of coffee?

Print out these fabulous bookmarks I designed for them to cut out and give to their friends! You may want to keep a few for yourself…

bookmark valentine printable


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Email me at mamasqueaks@whereareyoursocks.com if you have any questions about doTERRA Essential Oils or if you would like to work with me. I would love to hear from you!

Now where did I leave my coffee?