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Have you ever wondered “Am I doing this right?” As you look down at your child with a chocolate milk mustache and one sock as he heads out the door holding an umbrella and a rubber snake on his way to school. If you feel like you may have left your sanity in your other purse then you may be living the Mom Life.  We can all use a little inspiration and support from other Moms who know firsthand what you are going through. So grab your coffee or a glass of wine, start your diffuser or incense and read more about Living The Mom Life Using Essential Oils and Spirituality…

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Yes, that is me above trying to do 18 things at once like most Moms tend to do. The only reason I’m smiling during all of that is because I used my Essential Oils that morning.

My name is Lorena Lucero.  I am a working Mama and Spiritual Mom Blogger who loves spending as much time as I can with my husband and 2 children when I’m not doing the 235 other things I do in my daily Mom Life.  I am also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and use Essential Oils for just about everything.  Yes, I’m that Crazy Oil Lady we all hear about.

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I enjoy organization in every part of my life and would love to be a professional organizer some day. Looking for Mom Life checklists, essential oil charts, blog planner worksheets and more?



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why I became a doterra wellness advocate



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Now where did I leave my coffee?


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Email me with any comments or questions at  mamasqueaks@whereareyoursocks.com. I would love to hear from you!

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