Are You Ready To Start Your Mom Blog?

Are You Ready To Start Your Mom Blog?

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 Are you ready to start your Mom Blog?

The Simple way..


Are you thinking of blogging, or are you a Mom with tons of ideas that you find yourself sharing with your other Mom friends and wish you could just write a book or post with all your great ideas?  Then get to blogging girlfriend! That is exactly why I’m here taking up your time as you read this.  I want to share with you the Why, When and most importantly, How I did it.

The Why, When and How I did it.

Everybody has a reason as to “why” they do things.  My reason was that I LOVE to write. In fact I am telling all of you right now that I WILL write and publish a book in this lifetime.  It is currently in progress and most likely will be for awhile.  This has been one of my dreams since I was  a child and I will make it happen.  The “When” I did it is kind of funny to me because I actually tried to start a blog on my own a few years ago without the proper resources and that kind of fell flat on its face.  In fact let’s move on from that whole story.  The new “When” is NOW!

mom blog

The “How” I did it is my favorite!

The first thing I did and what you should do is head on over to  Suzi has the greatest Ebook and course to help you throughout your blogging success.  Blog By Number was honestly what got me on my way! I had so many questions and I would email Suzi with questions which she answered very quickly for a Mom of little ones.  It is completely worth it to invest in this course! Plus it is just a fraction of the price you will pay on all those other courses out there. Trust me on this.  I took a few other courses and read some other e books before I found hers and I still had no idea what I was doing.

Blog By Number Ebook Course

blog by number
Now this is not just any Ebook Course.  This is THE Ebook Course that will show you the ins and outs of blogging along with a whole lot of freebies.

blog by number

 She gives you all the tips for being successful!

18 Step by Step Tutorial Videos

This makes it easy to follow and go about it at your own pace the way I did.  We all have a busy life with numerous other things we need to be doing so this made it easy to stop when I needed to make dinner or pick up kids from school and then start again where I left off.

She will show you how to edit images that you take with your phone for free without paying for expensive photo editing software to create beautiful pinnable images on Pinterest.

Suzi also offers a bunch of other awesome courses (some are free) such as…mom blog


So if you find yourself writing novels on your facebook status often maybe you should consider blogging!!

Other blogging resources that I highly recommend:

SiteGround Web Hosting

For Web Hosting I use Siteground. They have excellent customer service support and helped me through some tricky areas I needed help in.  I highly recommend them for hosting! Click here to be redirected to them. When I had started my last blog website,  I used Bluehost and had a few troubles. Not to say that they are not good as well. I just could not figure it out as easily. Plus when I had a question, SiteGround answered it quickly and I was off and running on my brand new blog.

Board Booster

Collaborative Boards (aka Group Boards) are one of the best ways to gain exposure on Pinterest.  Board Booster makes this easy to Schedule your pins, Clean up your boards, Streamline Group Board contribution, Improve Pin Quality, Host top quality Group Boards, and Optimize your Strategy.  Click here for their website.

MailerLite Email Subscription Service

For my email subscription service I tried a few different options because I did not want to pay a fee until I knew what I was doing. I went with MailChimp at first but it was extremely difficult to figure out and I found myself wasting hours of time trying to figure how to do even one thing. So I signed up with ConvertKit and paid monthly on the basic account. Only to be losing out on $29 a month because I wasn’t making the time to fully utilize its great features. I still needed to find something free.  Then I found Mailerlite which has a free plan! Love every part of it because it is easy to use, creates beautiful signup forms, emails and landing pages. Click Here for your own free account!

In this step-by-step guide she will show you exactly how she made her first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours using Pinterest so that you can start making sales today rather than months from now. It works I tell you! I made my first affiliate sale that very day with her step by step instructions. Click Here for this ebook!


CourseCraft/Create Online E-courses

Create beautiful e-courses with CourseCraft. Click Here to sign up!

“Creating an e-course can be a costly undertaking. Paying for a domain, plugins, storage and a shopping cart can be a very confusing and time consuming process as well as cost a lot of money! Using CourseCraft, you can skip all that set-up and get right down to making your course. You can create a polished and professional e-course with no coding required and or design skills. And unlike some e-course sites, we don’t have a lengthly application process. Anyone can make an e-course!”



These are just a few of the many resources that have helped me along the way.

Hope it helps you on your blogging journey!!! Good Luck!





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