Spiritual Awakening ~ My Story

When you lose yourself in the chaos of the world, take a deep breath and enjoy the stillness of the moment. In that stillness was my spiritual awakening..

My Story…

In my teen years I spent a lot of time writing poetry. It wasn’t happy poetry to say the least. But it was from my heart. And back then my heart was not in a good place.  I still have that little book of poetry that I wrote. And I often look back and read some of it and remember the emotions I felt as I wrote those poems. How I wish I could go back and give my younger self advice on how to deal with my emotions.

Writing was my outlet back then as it is now..


Only this time my writing is more of a lighter, helpful nature than it was in my younger years. My tearful solemn words of an emotional teenager have turned into more of a sarcastic advice column for cranky Moms who need more coffee and less backtalk from their kids.

  I have always wanted to write..

I loved writing, reading, journalism and any other class that I could actually write something. I was that kid who did their book report in a few hours but left it in my backpack and told the teacher that I did not do it when I found out I had to read it in front of the class. I would rather fail the assignment then have to read it with everybody staring at me. Yes, that was me.

Spiritual Guidance

Recently, I have learned how to meditate (something I never thought I had time for) and tune into a whole new world that I am extremely eager to find out more about.  With the help of my Essential Oils I have found a new balance to this whole “Mom Life” that I never knew existed. The Oils have helped me along the way to center myself as well as those around me since I have my diffusers everywhere. 😉 I will be going into detail on which oils are my favorites for meditation, grounding etc. in future posts,  as well as featuring some of my favorite blogs that have helped me along the way in this spiritual journey of mine. I have met so many wonderful people online in this subject who have opened my eyes to another world

As of now I have decided to find out more about my spiritual side which has been locked away for some time now. As I get older I am getting more aware of something or someone trying to get my attention through signs, dreams, intuition, lights turning on as I enter a room, furniture moving and so many other unexplained things that I can’t even imagine how to explain to anyone. So I don’t. Instead I will write about it….I have kept a journal of all the things that are unexplained since it was happening so often. I am still trying to figure it all out. Let’s just say that I am a work in progress..

Join me on my journey and read all about my Spiritual Awakening!

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