The Most Important Essential Oil for My Family

The Most Important Essential Oil for My Family

 The Most Important Essential Oil For My Family

the most important essential oil for my family


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I want to share with you a little story about why this is the Most Important Essential Oil for my family. Last year it seemed that I spent a whole lot of time in urgent care and at doctor appointments for my children. My 5 year old had Pneumonia 3 times as well as Croup numerous times. My 9 year old has a better immune system than my younger child but she still had her share of sore throats, coughing, fevers and all the usual things they bring home from school.


I Do Not Have Time to be Sick!

Like most Moms I don’t have time to be sick and I hate to see my little ones sick and would rather spend a little more on preventing all the trips to urgent care and prescriptions needed for all the bugs we come down with during the  fall and winter season.

the most important essential oil for my family

Always will be the most important essential oil for my family

I was already using my beloved oils for  everything else so why not throw this in as well! I was determined to try anything at this point. And if I could find another great use for my Essential Oils so be it.

I found my answer!

the most important essential oil for my family

doTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend

  • This oil supports healthy immune function
  • Protects against Environmental threats
  • Cleans Surfaces
  • Purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation
  • Has energizing and uplifting aroma


This is how I used my doTERRA On Guard Blend!

Anytime I heard that first sniffle, cough or dreaded words of “Mommy my throat hurts” I grabbed my On Guard Essential oil and either diluted a few drops of it in my hand with FCO (fractionated coconut oil) or I grabbed my ready to go, already diluted roller bottle which I made myself. You can purchase these roller bottles to make yourself or buy the On Guard Touch directly from doTERRA which is already diluted and ready for use and put it on the bottoms of their feet, along the spine and on their throat/neck area. You can reuse the doTERRA Touch Roller Bottle also when it runs out. I keep one in my purse for emergencies.

the most important essential oil for my family

They even have beadlets…

My kids can also swallow the tiny beadlets for an extra boost and they love it because they feel like a grown up swallowing one even though they are the tiniest beads.  I give them 1 a day when they feel something coming on. Adults can take them too or the Gel Caps if they prefer.

the most important essential oil for my family


Make your own Roller Bottle

To make your own roller bottles (I use these)

I add about 20 drops of On Guard essential oil and fill up the rest of the bottle with FCO (fractionated coconut oil). If I can give their immune system a little boost to fight off all the germs that come their way then I shall.

I also use it in my home diffuser to cleanse the air of any airborne germs. And if someone does get sick I use my diffuser all day to clean the air of any germs from coughing, sneezing etc.

Need a good diffuser? Read my post below to see all the diffusers that I have and love!

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

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What other On Guard products do they make?


They have On Guard laundry detergent, concentrated cleaner, hand soap, toothpaste just to name a few. Head on over to my doTERRA shop and see what I mean!

It has been over a year from that last winter season when we all got sick at least 3-4 times (if not more for some of us) and not one of us has been sick with more than a slightly sore throat and a mild cough which did not last for more than 2 days.

Update: As of 6/24/17- My husband and I have not gotten sick for 2 years now. My 9 year old daughter had a bit of a stomach bug that only lasted one day and my 5 year old who had Pneumonia numerous times a few years ago only had a slight cold this past year. Our babysitter had pneumonia at the time she watched my kids along with her kids who had fevers, coughs etc. My kids never got sick. Even my pediatrician asked what I am doing differently because I used to be a frequent flyer over there with my son’s asthma issues.  I LOVE this oil. 


If you would like a sample of this wonderful oil to see what all the hype is about along with a few other blend oils for just $3 (shipping costs).  I also offer sample packs of Lavender, Melaleuca and Peppermint.  After you sign up for the samples just send me a reply email (you will get an email with paypal link) letting me know to add the “Blends” sample pack along with the “Single” Oil pack.

Get My doTERRA Samples!

doterra essential oil samples
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Where can I find this Essential Oil?

You can buy it at the Retail Price at my doTERRA shop here! 


You can get it at the Wholesale Price like I do with your own doTERRA Wholesale Customer Membership! It’s only $35 to sign up for a year’s worth of wholesale prices on all your oils and products. If you sign up with one of the enrollment kits, then the $35 is waived. Read my post below for more info on how doTERRA works!

Why I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

why I became a doterra wellness advocate
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Ready to Join doTERRA?

Once you are ready to join in on all the fun with doTERRA with your own Wholesale Membership or Wellness Advocate Account click on the picture below for instructions on how to sign up with your very own Membership. You can also contact me at if you have any questions.

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“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.”


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