A Letter to my Mother

A Letter to my Mother

A Letter to my Mother…

a letter to my mother


We all have a Mom and we all may or may have not had a deeper respect and sense of appreciation once we ourselves became a Mom. I know I did and that is why I am writing this letter to my Mother…


That very night I brought home that first child of mine I sat in her pink nursery at 2 A.M and cried my eyes out as I rocked her and pictured myself being rocked in my own mother’s arms. I had flashbacks of all the things that my Mom did for me and felt an extremely strong sense of appreciation for her. How did she do all of this with such grace and ease? She always put our whole family’s needs before herself and we always had everything we needed even if that meant she would go without.


a letter to my mother


Let me say first and foremost that I am truly sorry Mom for all the times that I made you feel anything less than the queen that you are.  As a child and especially as a teenager I admit that I did take you for granted. I was self centered at that age and did not see you for who you are and what you really did for all of us. I see it now that I have stepped into that role of being a mother. I truly believe one does not truly understand the depths of what their mothers (and fathers) do for them until they become a parent themselves.

Let me just say this….


I am sorry for all the times I told you that I did not like the food that you made for dinner. My own daughter does this to me now and I will apologize to you each and every time she makes that same face I did. I may be calling you daily for the next 15 years.

I am sorry for all the times I made you worry. I used to think you worried too much about everything but now I am worried about how worried I am about worrying about being worried so I get it now. A Mom will worry and for good reason. We worry about our children. It’s called Love.

I am sorry for all the times I made you cry. I am more emotional now than I ever was apparently because I can’t keep a dry eye at any of my child’s Christmas plays, kindergarten graduations or first days of school. In fact I’m crying as I write this.

I am sorry for the time I dumped your expensive perfume from France in the toilet because I was making soup with it.  I’m glad I was able to find that perfume online and buy it for you for Christmas a few years ago. Although I’m pretty sure it just wasn’t the same as the original.

I am sorry I lost the letter you stayed up late one night to write to my teacher in 4th grade containing very important information that she needed to know. I did find it later and gave it to her however, even if it had been a little too late.

I am sorry I rolled my eyes at you and gave you attitude (all the time). My daughter does this now and I can see why I got grounded. In fact I think I should still be grounded. I could use a little alone time in my room.

I am sorry David (my brother) and I were throwing a rock to each other over your car and it broke the neighbor’s window and we blamed it on the teenager up the street.

I am sorry I slammed my door so much that Dad wanted to take it off the hinges. He probably should have.

I am sorry I brought home every hurt bird or other animaI that I found on my way home from school. I still do this by the way and have no plans of ever stopping. I do help them still and set them free. My daughter does this too except she brings home frogs in her backpack. Um..

I am sorry for not trying as hard as I could in math because I thought it was yucky. I have to help my daughter with her math and I still think it’s yucky.

I am sorry for ALWAYS asking for money as a kid AND a teenager. I honestly did think that money grew on trees and that we had them in our backyard or something. I’m still trying to find a tree like that for my backyard.

I am sorry for not letting you do my hair anymore because I wanted to do it as I got older. I wish I had listened to you and did not spray half a can of hairspray onto my bangs every morning to get that 80’s look we all loved because I see pictures now and cringe.

I am sorry that I wanted to call you Mom instead of Mommy. The term “Mommy” is still in place with my daughter but she has asked if she can call me “Mom” so it shall start soon. I will never be ready for this.

I am sorry that I used to jump over you when you were doing your relaxation yoga on the floor in the living room.  I try to relax and can’t seem to fully do this with children fighting around me or constantly asking for snacks. I can’t even imagine that plus 2 kids simultaneously jumping over you as you laid on the floor. That sounds terrifying.

I am sorry I used to use all of Dad’s shaving cream in the bathroom sink making soup again when you had just bought a brand new one for him. Judging by the number of times I wanted to make soup in the sink and toilet, I am starting to wonder why I don’t make soup as much as I should.

I am sorry I didn’t want to eat onions, eggs, meat or the other 200 things as a kid. I am pleased to say that I eat all of those things now. I am also not pleased to say that my daughter does not want to eat onions, eggs, meat and the other 200 things.

I am sorry I stuffed so much stuff into my closet that the doors fell off. I most definitely do not do this anymore and have become quite particular about organization in my own home. However I do tend to have piles of stuff fall on my head as I open my child’s closet door so I feel your pain.

I am sorry I left your car a huge mess with cheerios, crackers and who knows what else. Meanwhile my own kids continuously use my car as their after school dumpster which I get to enjoy cleaning out every weekend.

I am sorry David (my brother) and I along with the neighborhood kids made the standup pool in the backyard explode while making a whirlpool causing all the water to flood the yard. Although that was awesome.

I am sorry I told you that I wished Mary Poppins was my Mom instead of you. Sometimes I wish I was Mary Poppins instead of myself.

I am sorry for asking why dinner wasn’t ready yet the minute you walked in the door from work in the evening. My daughter does this as I pick her up from school. Even though I was at work she somehow believes that I am magical enough to also be at home preparing dinner. I wish.

I am sorry that I used to pester the dog and annoy him so much that he would growl at me and nip and them tell on him so that he would get in trouble while I made you think I was an innocent angel. Actually you probably never thought that. You knew the real me.

I am sorry that all of us forgot your birthday that one year. That was unforgiveable in every way possible.

Finally, I am sorry  if I ever made you feel like you did not mean anything less than the world to me because you do and I could not have done it all without you by my side the whole time.. I love you Mom. You are my world…

a letter to my mother

Love your daughter,

Lorena (Peaches)


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2 thoughts on “A Letter to my Mother”

  • This is BEAUTIFUL…😭
    And I sure wish,I was as Blessed As you are,TO Be Able to Say these things to My Mommy..That you are Saying to Your💖 Mommy💖😢
    I do Wish I had taken that opportunity when my Mom was still Here with Me…
    This makes my Heart Smile…
    As a Mom I Dream of the Day ,I finally Hear these Word’s From My Kiddos..

    To your BEAUTIFUL Mommy…
    I Love you Lorena 😘🖤Xo

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