6 easy Christmas shopping hacks for Mom

6 easy Christmas shopping hacks for Mom

christmas shopping hacks

6 easy Christmas shopping hacks for Mom


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I don’t know about you but the holidays are a very busy time for me. I can’t seem to catch up in fact I’m still trying to finish things from Christmas 3 years ago.  Every year I figure out one more new thing to help me organize and make this time of the year a little easier.  Let me show you what I found to work..

Clearance Aisle goodies..

  1. Throughout the year when you see little gifts in the clearance aisle grab them while you can because they will make fabulous stocking stuffers. The little stuff your kids enjoy that you see at the dollar tree or Target bargain center at the front of the store. Grab them when you see them and hide them until Christmas rolls around again. Except don’t forget where you hid them like I do every year.

Amazon Wish Lists

2.  Make an Amazon wish list for your kiddies and add things to it that they mention throughout the year also and then once Christmas is near you have a ready made list that you can edit and take off items that they are no longer interested in or they received already.  I even use this list for out of town relatives that want to buy a gift for my child and not have to package it up and take it to the post office since you can send it right from Amazon with a gift note enclosed. This works for everyone.  I also want to mention that I have Amazon prime which offers free 2 day shipping which I LOVE! You can get a free trial version for a month below!

Gift Baskets

3. Make gift baskets for people with the things they love best. This could be their favorite snacks, scented lotion, body wash, gift cards, beer (my husband loved this), soda, gum etc. If they like a certain brand of something, make a basket with a bunch of different items of the same brand. (Ex. Burt’s Bees)  Seriously, I could go on for days about the things you can put into one of these baskets but I’m sure you get the point. This idea has actually been one of my favorites that I use for birthdays as well as Christmas.


4.  Put stuff on layaway if you have the option to. I know Walmart has a layaway plan still but I’m not sure about all the other stores these days.  I have never been a big fan of credit cards and such so I prefer to not even go there.  I know a lot of people who are very good about buying all of their Christmas presents and paying off the amount right away but I also know a lot of people who are still trying to pay off that amount from Christmas 5 years ago so I don’t even try. Haha!

After Christmas Sales

5. I have been known to do a lot of my shopping after Christmas during all those sales when things get marked down considerably and saving them for the next year’s presents but this again is one of those times that you will need to remember where you hid all of it. I like to make a list of things I already bought for next year and keep it in a safe place where only I will see it. They have great deals on Christmas PJ’s and slippers for kids after Christmas. Just remember to buy a size or two larger since kids seem to grow overnight. This works great for all of your gift wrap, boxes, bows and wrapping supplies as well. I bought an organizer for all of my wrapping supplies and I store them in it so I can find everything I have easily when I need it.

Buy gifts throughout the year

6.  Every year I like to buy one gift every payday.  I try to shoot for at least one thing every time I go shopping.  By the time December comes around I’m astonished at how much I have already finished in terms of buying gifts.  I love this idea and have suggested it to a few friends of mine that hate shopping around Christmastime due to the long lines and packed malls.  I’m not a fan a huge crowds myself so I like to pace myself and shop slowly throughout the whole year!

I hope some of these ideas are as helpful to you as they have been to me! Good luck on your shopping and have fun!


Merry Christmas!



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