Why my family became a World Vision Child Sponsor

Why my family became a World Vision Child Sponsor

world vision child sponsor

Why my family became a World Vision Child Sponsor

It all started when I was a child and my own family had a young boy that we sponsored. I used to enjoy getting his pictures and letters in the mail and still have vivid memories of what he looked like. I often wonder how he is doing today now as an adult.

Setting a good example for my children…

I had decided then that I would do the same with my kids when they were young and sponsor a child so that they could see how other children from around the world live their everyday lives and we could make a difference in the life of a child in need.

Then one day I was at a Kari Jobe concert with some friends and there arose my opportunity to start my sponsorship that very day. A World Vision Child Ambassador gave a very moving speech about the children in need in various parts of the world and I was ready.  I am the kind of person that believes in signs so this was my sign that now was the time. He passed around the cards with the faces of beautiful children from all around the world and I eagerly awaited to see what child would be placed into my hands and into my life.  I looked down at my card of a little boy who was only a few days younger than my son. He was perfect! I couldn’t wait to get home and show my kids our sponsored child.

Becoming a World Vision Child Ambassador

The more I read about the needs of these children and families, the more I’m empowered on helping them get the help they need by taking it one step further and becoming a World Vision Child Ambassador.  I believe that my life’s purpose is to help as many people that I can before I leave this world and what better way than through the health and well being of a child in need?

Every cent that I earn from my blog goes directly towards my sponsored child and his community. All of my Etsy store items are to help fund much needed assistance for his family as well as for his community.

So I ask you, are you ready to change the life of a child along with me?

Click here for more info on sponsoring a child!



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